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Arrigo Cipriani

In praise of hospitality

Aliberti Biografie
2020, pp. 110, 14x21 cm

ISBN: 9798645886189
€ 13,00
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«Service is hospitality, hospitality is style, style is culture, culture is knowledge, knowledge is diversity, diversity is authenticity and simplicity, authenticity is a lack of impositions, a lack of impositions is freedom, tourism is freedom».
Arrigo Cipriani

Here are the rules of hospitality signed by Arrigo Cipriani (Harry's Bar, Venice).
Since Italy not only has to go back to being "the most beautiful country", but also the world's most hospitable one.Arrigo Cipriani, world renowned restauranteur was born in 1932. For the last 65 years he has managed the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice. Founded by his father Giuseppe in 1931.
He has been married to Tommasina for sixty-two years, with whom he has three children; seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Many of whom work in the large global company which stemmed from the original Harry’s Bar.
To relax, he goes to the bar almost every day to greet his customers. He has no qualms when he states that life is the greatest luxury for any human being. "In praise of hospitality" is his twelfth book.He maintains that death is not in front of us, but behind us, and that it consists of all the things that everyone of us could have done, has not done and can no longer do.
He does not believe that in the afterlife there can be other realms. «If there is somewhere else», he says «so much the better».
He has already chosen the epitaph to be engraved on his tombstone: «I feel like a God”.


Arrigo Cipriani

Arrigo Cipriani è nato nel 1932, l’Harry’s Bar di Venezia nel 1931. Il padre di tutti e due: Giuseppe. Arrigo, bettoliere (come ama definirsi) e scrittore, dirige l’Harry’s Bar da 65 anni. Ha scritto undici libri. Dodici con questo. Ama la vita, “un regalo di lusso” dice. Per la sua morte ha già preparato l’incisione per la lapide: “Sto da Dio”.


Arrigo Cipriani ospite al Christmas Bazaar

Padova - 01 Dicembre ore 11:00
Palazzo Trevisan Mion - Centro Universitario, via Zabarella, 82

Arrigo Cipriani presenta "Elogio dell'accoglienza" insieme alla giornalista Barbara Codogno.

Presentazione "Elogio dell'accoglienza" @OltreMARE.19

Caorle (VE) - 19 Agosto dalle 21:00 alle 22:30
Piazza Vescovado, Piazza Vescovado

Si terrà lunedì 19 agosto alle ore 21:00 l'incontro con l'autore Arrigo Cipriani che presenterà il suo libro "Elogio dell'accoglienza".

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